Fresh Fruit

India is the largest producer of Pomegranates in the world with over 900,000 tons produced yearly.


Fruit Features Specifications
General Seasonality Round the Year
Self life 45 days (precooled)
Origin India ( Maharashtra)
GAP Certified Available on request
Variety Bhagva (Kesar)
External Size 200 gms to 400 gms
Shape Round
Colour Pink to Red
Appearance Clean Free from Blemishes
Internal Aril Colour Pink to red
Taste Sweet
Brix 15-17 (Varies with season)
Packing Packed in Corrugated Boxes
Box size 3.0 kg and 3.5 kg (net)
Fruit Count Fruit Count
Cushion White paper cutting or Plastic tray
Palletization per cutting or Plastic tray 17 Palletization P